Hershey’s line of miniature candies did not have a brand logo. So the first step was to create a logo “lock-up” that would represent the miniatures collection through packaging and other media. The collection includes Mr.Goodbar, Hershey’s, Krackel and Hershey’s Special Dark.

On each tiny bite-size bar, the logos are now enlarged beyond the edges of the wrapper. They become instantly recognizable by their colors and shapes alone. The play on scale is slightly irreverent and unexpected.

Jolly Rancher was given a fresh, fun, update by introducing the “fruit gang” characters to represent the bold flavors. The fruit gang really comes to life in advertising and social media.

Separately, sugar-free candy is one of an entire line of classic Hershey brands. The packs are designed for people with special dietary needs, so emphasis on sugar-free is critical. However, the package design still promises the great taste of each individual brand.

The design for Hershey’s received an American Graphic Design Award from Graphic Design USA.